Spray Formed HSS

Because of inert gas atomization and rapid solidification of droplet deposition ,the spray formed HSS has low oxygen content , overall high density and fine microstrcture.

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    HEYE Special Steel Co., Ltd is the first to achieve industrialization in domestic.Spray forming technology is atomizing the molten metal or alloy in an inert atmosphere into small solid, semi-solid or liquid melt jet, then spraying directly onto the cold substrate surface, droplet deposition on the surface adhesion, accumulation, spreading, fusion, consolidation and the formation of deposited blank. Because of inert gas atomization and droplet deposition rapid solidification, the billets is with low oxygen content, the high density, homogeneous and fine microstructure, and the carbide distribution of the large cross section  steel bar has been improved greatly.

    Spray steel product advantages : 1) cost-effective, performance meets or exceeds the powder steel , the price is much lower than steel powder ; 2) suitable for multi- variety, small batch-production, high-quality, fast delivery;3) green.


    Figure 1-3 show the comparison of mechanical properties between spray formed steel and powder metallurgy steel.

 1.1.jpg  2.2.jpg

         Fig.1 Comparison of wear resistance                    Fig.2 Comparison of impact toughness


              Fig.3 Comparison of bending strengh


    Figure 4-5 show the contrast of microstructure between the spray formed steel and powder metallurgy steel.

 4.4.jpg 5.55.jpg

                 Fig.4 Microstructure of PMT15                                   Fig.5 Microstructure of HSF755

TypeSpecification (mm)Surface condition
Forged Round Bar∮80-400 Wheeled/Turned
Hot-rolled Round Bar8-25Black
Peeled Bar15-150Turned
Hot-rolled Square Bar7.2×7.227×27Black
Hot-rolled Flat Bar(3.5-40)×(16-100)Black/Shot Blast
Hot-rolled Wire Rod5.5-17Black
Cold-drawn Steel Wire2.0-16.5Black
Ground Wire5.0-14.5Ground
Steel Plate(2.0-15.0)×(500-700)Black
Hot-rolled Strip(36-65)×(1.5-3.0)Black
Cold-rolled Strip(25-55)×(0.65-1.80)Polished
Forged ProductCircular (50-350)×(10-300)Black/Machined
Rectangle (20-200)×(5-80)


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